Mailing Indicia for Bulk Mail

Authored by Kraig Downham
This guide explains what indicia is, its benefits, and why businesses should use a professional mail house like Printing Partners.
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What is a Mailing Indicia?

What is an Indicia?
Indicia Meaning:

Indicia is a pre-printed marking that serves as a substitute for traditional postage stamps. It indicates that the sender prepaid the postage and has authorization to use this form of mailing. To get your company or organization started with bulk mailing, this indicia USPS guide is a valuable resource.
USPS Mailing Indica Examples for Nonprofit, First Class, Presort First Class and Presort Standard

Download Free Mailing Indicia Template

We have got you started with a helpful mailing template. This file will contain indicias for Nonproit Indicia, First Class Indicia, Presort First Class Indicia, and Presort Standard Indicia. This file also contains a mailing safe area to keep open for automated mailing rates.

Exploring Other Postage Options:

Understanding the Differences Between Stamps, Metered Mail, and Indicia
Example of Stamp on an envelope



  • Easy to use
  • No minimum quantity
  • No need for an endorsement line or Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb)


  • Time-consuming for bulk mail
  • Costlier than other options
Example of Precanceled Stamp on an envelope

Precanceled Stamps


  • Lower cost than regular stamps
  • Good for smaller bulk mailings
  • Better postage rates with an endorsement line and Intelligent Mail Barcode


  • Requires USPS approval
  • Not suitable for large volumes
Example of Metered Mail mark on an envelope

Metered Mail


  • Convenient for varying mail volumes
  • Automated process
  • No need for an endorsement line or Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb)


  • Initial cost of meter
  • Ongoing rental fees
Example of Indica on an envelope



  • Cost-effective for bulk mailing
  • Streamlines operations
  • No need for individual stamps


  • Requires a minimum of 200 pieces
  • Best managed by a professional mail house like Printing Partners
  • Requires an endorsement line and Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb)

The Financial Benefits of Using a Prepaid Postage Mark

Potential Savings

If there was a business sending out 1,000 pieces of mail, using ordinary stamps would amount to $660. However, using presort standard rates with a Prepaid Postage Mark could bring the cost down to between $326 and $381. This could result in a possible savings of as much as $334 per mail-out.

Can You Implement a Bulk Mail Imprint Yourself?

While it may seem straightforward, it's advisable to use a professional mail house like Printing Partners. We work closely with the post office to send mail efficiently and follow all rules to save money.

Using Your Own Permit vs. Printing Partners' Permit

If you don't have your own mailing permit, you can mail under Printing Partners' permit number. However, you must provide the postage amount at the time of mailing. If you already have a permit number, the funds will need to be available in that account when we mail your piece.


Indicia offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for businesses engaged in bulk mailing. However, to maximize these benefits, we recommend using a professional mail house like Printing Partners. We can assist you with bulk mailing. We have extensive knowledge and a strong relationship with the postal service.
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