Overview of Our Packaging Services

Welcome to Printing Partners, the leading packaging printer in the industry. We specialize in custom printed packaging that stands out in a crowded market. Our innovative, attractive packaging solutions are perfect for businesses of all sizes. We capture your brand's essence and appeal to your target audience.
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Different Types of Custom Paper Boxes for Elegant Items

Why Use Printing Partners?

High-Quality Custom Printed Boxes

We provide custom printed cardboard boxes and various other packaging materials to companies with different requirements. Our high-quality packaging printing aligns with your vision and brand identity. Using state-of-the-art technology, we deliver superior packaging solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of businesses.

Competitive Pricing and Expertise

What sets us apart from other packaging printing companies is our commitment to delivering high quality at competitive prices. Our team of experts offers innovative custom packaging solutions that make your products stand out. We don’t just print packaging; we create an experience.

Custom Point of Sale Packaging

We offer custom point of sale packaging solutions that help your products stand out in retail environments. Our packaging solutions are designed to attract attention and drive sales.
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Custom Point of Sale Packaging

Custom Printed Boxes for Pharmaceuticals and Vitamins

We offer custom point of sale packaging solutions that help your products stand out in retail environments. Our packaging solutions are designed to attract attention and drive sales.
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Types of Packaging Solutions

Premium Folding Carton Boxes
Our experienced design team can help you create custom artwork that infuses your products with personality. Whether it’s vape cartridges, clothes, or electronics, Printing Partners can design the perfect packaging solution to meet all your needs. We offer various folding carton styles, including tuck boxes, one-piece tuck top boxes, and two-piece boxes (Full Telescope Design Style Containers).
Custom Letterhead Printed by Printing Partners
Custom Tuck Boxes
Tuck boxes are versatile and cost-effective, perfect for storing various sized items such as electronics and apparel. These highly customizable boxes are easy to assemble and require less storage space than other types of folding cartons. Printing Partners specializes in tuck boxes made in the USA, providing high-quality packaging and printing services.
custom printed envelopes to stand out in mailboxes
One-Piece Tuck Top Boxes
The popular one-piece tuck top box is ideal for products needing extra protection or larger items. Made from one piece of material, these boxes are folded and sealed to create a secure closure. One-piece tuck top boxes provide superior strength and security for your products.
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Full Telescope Design Style Container (FTD)
Also known as Full Telescope Design Style Containers, these two-piece boxes consist of a separate top and bottom that fit over each other or a separate body. They are perfect for packaging fragile or heavier items. These boxes offer more protection than other types of folding cartons and require no extra tape or staples to secure them.
Carbonless Form Pad Manufacturing Indiana
Regular Slotted Container (RSC)
All flaps have the same length, and the two outer flaps (normally the lengthwise flaps) are one-half the container’s width, so that they meet at the center of the box when folded. This is a highly efficient design for many applications with very little manufacturing waste. The RSC can be used for most products and is the most common box style.
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Wrap Around Blank
A wrap-around blank is formed into a box by folding it tightly around a rigid product. The positioning of the product, folding, and sealing are performed by automatic equipment. The finished box is essentially an RSC turned on its side, with the bottom and top unbroken.
office environment showing labels on boxes and other items
Five Panel Folder (FPF)
A single cut and scored piece features a fifth panel used as the closing flap, completely covering a side panel. The closed box has several layers of combined board on each end, providing stacking strength and protection for long articles of small diameter.
office environment showing labels on boxes and other items
Roll End Tray with Locking Cover
Formed from a single piece of combined board on a die cutter, the design features an unbroken bottom, several layers of corrugated in the end panels, and a locking cover.
office environment showing labels on boxes and other items
Bliss Style
The three pieces of a rigid box style include two identical end panels and a body that folds to form the two side panels, an unbroken bottom, and the top. Flaps used to form the joints can be on the end pieces or the body or both. The end panels are attached to the body with special equipment, usually at the user’s plant. Six or more joints must be sealed to set up the box before it is filled.
office environment showing labels on boxes and other items
Pre-glued Auto Bottom with RSC Top Flaps
The top panels of the box are usually those of a regular slotted container. For a telescope-style box, two self-erecting pieces can be used. This style would be produced on a die-cutter.

Premium Options We Can Add To Your Packaging

Foil Stamping: Add Elegance & Sophistication to Your Packaging

Foil stamping is a special printing technique with a rich history. It's a method dating back to the ancient Egyptians, who used hand tools to hammer gold leaf into parchment. Today, this tradition is carried on with modern methods. By using heat and pressure, metallic or pigmented ink is transferred onto paper.

This process creates a glossy, reflective effect that is supremely attractive. The shining finish on your packaging adds sophistication and elegance. It instantly draws attention and sets your products apart from the competition.

Foil stamping is an ideal way to enhance brand logos, product names, or powerful slogans. It gives them a feeling of luxury and a striking visual appeal. Foil stamping is a versatile solution that blends historical techniques with modern aesthetics. It helps create a bold statement and adds a sense of high-end quality to your packaging.

Foil stamping is a special printing technique that uses heat and pressure to transfer metallic or pigmented inks onto paper or cardstock.

Spot UV: Enhance Your Package with a Glossy & Eye-Catching Finish

Spot UV is a varnishing technique. It adds extra shine and elegance to your packaging. This is achieved by focusing on specific sections of your product. Employed extensively across a variety of industries, Spot UV is used to elevate the aesthetic appeal of numerous products.

The cosmetics industry is an example of how high-end brands use Spot UV. This technique is used to highlight brand names and design elements on lipstick and perfume boxes. Spot UV gives the packaging a luxurious, premium feel.

The publishing industry often uses Spot UV on book covers, especially hardcover editions. This creates a contrast between matte and glossy surfaces. It also emphasizes the title text and cover art.

Spot UV is a very popular choice in the wine and spirits industry, as it adds a luxurious feel to bottle labels. This technique allows the brand name or other elements to stand out and be noticed.

This technique creates an eye-catching glossy effect that draws customers in, making your package look more luxurious and premium. It sets your products apart from competitors by making key features stand out. Adding Spot UV to your packaging adds an extra layer of sophistication. This enhances the visual appeal and boosts potential for increased sales.