We believe that as a business thrives,
so should the community around it.

Since 2004, Printing Partners has awarded over $200,00 annually to their clients who are local arts and not-for-profit organizations.

These grants are available to our clients in the form of in-kind support to help underwrite marketing activities. These grants are designed to support a specific activity or event, however each recipient is able to determine how to utilize Printing Partners’ in-kind support.

Arts Grants

These are a few of the Arts organizations in that have received grants.
  • Actors’ Theatre of Indiana

    Artist sponsor

  • Arts for Learning

    Leap into Art

  • Dance Kaleidoscope

    Marketing Support

  • Indy Jazz Fest

    Marketing Support

  • Meridian Song Project

    An Evening with My Friends

Community Grants

These are a few of the Community organizations in that have received grants.
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters

    The Main Event

  • Girl Scouts of Central Indiana

    Lt. Govenor’s Leadership Luncheon

  • Indiana Historical Society

    Living Legends

  • Indy Crit

    Marketing Support

  • Joys House

    Marketing Support

  • Wheeler Mission

    Drumstick Dash

Apply for Grants

Due to the overwhelming demand, please drop off the following in a folder to
929 W 16th Street, C/O Mary T. O'Brien, Indianapolis, IN 46202. Moving forward in 2021, requests for sponsorships and grants need to be submitted each year by December 6th.

Folder should contain the following:

• Cover letter
• Executive summary
• Project(s) in need of grant
• Goals and objectives
• Other funding/sustainability
• Info on organization
• Project budget
• Sponsorship opportunities