Kraig Downham

Marketing Director


Kraig Downham: A Multifaceted Pillar at Printing Partners

From Marketing Genius to Color Expertise

Since 2005, I have embraced numerous roles at Printing Partners, showcasing my versatility. My journey spans marketing, website design, SEO optimization, graphic design, to prepress technology. Each hat I wear enhances our business's diverse aspects, showcasing my commitment to our growth and success.

Mastering the Art of Color

As a recognized color expert, I ensure our print products consistently meet the highest quality and aesthetic standards. My dedication to excellence and innovation anchors our family company in the printing industry's forefront.

Rooted in Tradition, Driving Innovation

My journey began with a decade-long commitment to 4-H, embedding a robust work ethic and community service spirit in me. These values fuel my daily endeavors at Printing Partners, blending tradition with innovation.

Building Connections, Fostering Growth

In my dual role, professionalism meets approachability. I champion a friendly, collaborative environment, key to our collective success. My vision? To continue providing unmatched printing solutions, propelling Printing Partners to new heights.

Expanding Horizons

Apart from my primary roles, I hold a commercial real estate license, applying my expertise on a case-by-case basis. This venture further exemplifies my diverse skill set and dedication to excellence in all endeavors.

A Legacy of Excellence

My personal and professional life revolves around commitment and family. Inspired by my 4-H roots, "Second place sucks" has become our family's rallying cry. This motto reflects my unyielding drive for excellence at Printing Partners, where settling for second best is never an option.

Connect with Kraig

Discover more about my professional journey and contributions to the printing industry through my LinkedIn profile and my insights into SEO optimization here. Explore my commercial real estate expertise here and verify my professional standing through ZoomInfo and RocketReach.

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