Indiana Direct Mailing Service

At Printing Partners, our Indiana direct mailing service works diligently to ensure that materials we mail use the best method to meet your specifications at the best rate possible.

Our mailing experts provide complete design analysis and guidance to ensure your project complies with United States Post Office standards to receive the very best postage rate possible and selecting the best method possible. We reduce waste with list analysis to eliminate bad or duplicate addresses. Need help with a finding a list to mail to? We can help there too with purchasing a mailing list that is targeted to your specific audience.

Postage Rate Options

Effective July 10, 2022

Presort First class rates

Minimum of 500 pieces.

Postcard (Presorted & Barcoded) — 1 ounce or less — $0.33 to $0.359 per piece.

Letter Rate (Presorted & Barcoded) — 1 ounce or less — $0.45 - $0.515 per piece;

Flat Rate (Presorted & Barcoded) — 1 ounce or less — $0.555 to $0.934 per piece. Each additional ounce incurs a higher rate.

First class rates

Minimum 200 pieces if using indicia.

Single Piece Postcard — 1 ounce or less — $0.44 per piece.

Single Piece Letter Rate — 1 ounce or less — $0.60 per piece. Each additional ounce is 24 cents per ounce.

Single Piece Flat Rate — 1 ounce or less — $1.20 per piece. Each additional ounce is 21 cents per ounce.

Presort Standard

Minimum of 200 pieces for letters & flats.

Letter rates — 3.5 ounces or less — $0.296 to $0.349 per piece.

Flat rates — 4 ounces or less — $0.53 to $0.854 per piece.


Minimum of 200 pieces for letters & flats.

Letter rates — 3.3 ounces or less — $0.154 to $0.207 per piece.

Flat rates — 3.3 ounces or less — $0.324 to $0.648 per piece.

International First Class

International mail is metered according to its destination at the appropriate First Class Rate - $1.40 1oz Letter /$2.75 1oz Flat

Additional Discounts

Additionally discounts may apply for Enhanced Carrier Route mailings. Please contact your salesperson to inquire about these.


Presorted Mail

Presorted mail saves the Post Office both time and money. Consequently those savings get passed on to you! Our Indianapolis direct mail service will exceed your expectations.

During the presorting process, we will ensure that you receive the best postage rates available by:

Firstly by verifying mailing addresses. Secondly ensuring your list is C.A.S.S. certified. Thirdly Including Intelligent Mail barcodes. Fourthly providing design guidance to comply with postal regulations. furthermore inkjetting mailing addresses directly onto pieces. Lastly sorting all pieces by zip code before delivering to the post office.

Minimum Requirements for presorted indicia type
Presort First Class — 500 pieces
Presort Standard — 200 pieces

Nonprofit Mail

Mailings with a nonprofit indicia must adhere to the same regulations as presorted mail with additional regulations:

Additionally the return address of the nonprofit entity must appear on the mailing panel. Concurrently nothing “promotional” is to be placed on or inside the mailing or additional regulations may apply. In order to receive the lowest nonprofit rate, the weight of the piece must not exceed 3.3 ounces. Regardless in order to qualify for the lowest postage rate when using a response device, the reply device must include a bar code and facing identification mark (FIM).

Minimum Requirements for nonprofit indicia
Nonprofit — 200 pieces + registration with Indianapolis Post Office or National NP Postal Registry


USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Indiana Direct Mailing Service

USPS’ Every Door Direct Mail service is an easy, cost-effective way to reach potential customers near a specific location. Altogether recipients of mail pieces are determined by chosen mail routes. Nevertheless mailers do not need a permit when using EDDM when mailing up to 5,000 pieces per zip code.

EDDM lets your map your marketing mail audience by geographic location. As well as information like age, income, or household size of locations along a selected mail route. You can use the EDDM mapping tool to choose the ZIP Code™ and carrier route that will target your best possible customers — current and future. Let our Indiana direct mailing service help you get your message to your customers.

EDDM Online Tool

Indiana Direct Mailing Service Mailing Requirements

Learn more about the Indiana bulk mail requirements that will help your mail jobs run smoother and how to get the best rate from the USPS.

Learn about mailing permits (Indicia). As well as Business Reply Mail (BRM) with Intelligent Mail® barcodes. Lastly endorsements and mailing panel requirements

Mail Requirements

Indiana Direct Mailing Service List Management, Acquisition & Analysis

Mailing lists can be generated and purchased based on criteria determined by you. Subsequently a supplied mailing list can be put through analysis to fine-tune the data to increase cost-efficiency and deliverability rates. Thus our Indiana direct mailing service experts will help you with your list.

If you have already compiled a contact list, our data team ensures that your mailings will arrive at their intended destination.