Indianapolis Jobs for Digital Press Operator

Job Overview

A digital press operator uses digital printing machines and software programs to produce the printed piece. They load the digital press with paper and adjust the program to run the job according to the specs. A digital press operator may have multiple jobs running at the same time. A digital press operator will make repairs to the press as needed and will follow all safety guidelines.


Responsibilities and Duties:

• Follow online work instructions for each printed project.

• Set up the digital press to run efficiently.

• Monitor the flow of the paper, checking color to maintain consistency.

• Compare printed piece to proof.

• Make repairs to machine as necessary.

• Maintain service logs.

• Follow quality and safety guidelines and company policies.

• Other duties pertaining to operating the digital press.


• Understanding of digital printing press operations

• Knowledge of digital printing press technology

• Mechanical aptitude to make minor repairs

• Attention to detail

• Computer literate

• Ability to work long hours while standing