What C1S Paper?

C1S paper means "Coated One Side" paper. This paper has a glossy coating on one side and no coating on the other. The coated side is smooth and shiny, perfect for printing vibrant images and graphics. The uncoated side is plain and rough, ideal for writing or printing text.

Understanding Gloss Paper

There are many brands of C1S Paper

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Why Choose C1S Paper?

When selecting the right paper for your printing needs, there are many options to choose from. One type of paper gaining popularity is C1S paper. But what exactly does this paper entail, and what are its benefits? We will explore the features and advantages of coated one-sided paper.

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Uses of C1S Paper

  • Postcards: The glossy side shows off images, while the back is perfect for writing messages.
  • Book Covers: The cover looks attractive, and the inside pages are easy to read.
  • Packaging: Products in boxes made from C1S paper look appealing and professional.
  • Flyers and Brochures: High-quality prints on the glossy side catch attention, and the writable back is perfect for notes or additional information.
  • Business Cards: A professional look with the durability needed for frequent handling.
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Benefits of Coated One Sided Paper

Enhanced Print Quality

One of the main benefits of C1S paper is its ability to produce high-quality prints. The paper's coating on one side helps absorb ink better, making images sharper and more colorful. Coated one side paper is popular for printing marketing materials like signs, flyers, business cards, and packaging boxes. The coated surface makes colors pop and gives a professional look to your printed materials.

Understanding Gloss Paper


C1S paper is also a cost-effective option for printing. The coating on one side of the paper requires less ink to achieve the desired print quality. This not only saves money on ink costs but also reduces printing time. Additionally, C1S paper dries quickly due to its smooth surface, making it ideal for high-volume printing jobs. The quick drying time can help speed up production processes, saving both time and money.

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C1S paper offers a versatile option for a variety of printing needs. The glossy side is good for printing photos and high-resolution images. The uncoated side is ideal for writing and printing text. This dual functionality makes C1S paper a great choice for projects that require both images and text, such as menus, postcards, and book covers. You can print vibrant images on one side and still have a writable surface on the other.
Understanding Gloss Paper


The coating on C1S paper not only enhances its print quality but also makes it more durable. The coating acts as a protective layer, making the paper resistant to water, dirt, and tearing. This paper is a great choice for products that people will handle frequently, such as business cards and packaging materials. The durability ensures that your printed items remain in good condition even after repeated handling.

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C1S paper is also an eco-friendly option for printing. Manufacturers typically make the coating used on C1S paper from natural materials, which makes it recyclable. This is a better choice for the environment than other coated papers that use synthetic materials in their coating. Choosing eco-friendly options helps reduce environmental impact and supports sustainable practices.

Understanding Gloss Paper

Detailed Gloss Paper Specifications

Click on the logos for general info or spec sheets for details on gloss paper varieties we carry. Perfect for those in need of specific production details.

In Conclusion

C1S paper offers a range of benefits that make it a popular choice for printing needs. Its high-quality printing capabilities, cost-effectiveness, versatility, durability, and eco-friendliness make it an excellent option for various projects. Whether you're printing marketing materials or personal projects, consider using C1S paper for your next print job. Its unique features will ensure your prints stand out and last longer.

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