Black Business Card with White Ink or White Foil

Printing with white ink on black paper is a great way for companies to create eye-catching designs. The standard method for printing with white ink on dark paper is to use a CMYK, or four color process. This method involves laying down a layer of transparent Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow inks which act as the base for layering opaque white over top. Once the transparent inks are dry, white ink is applied to overlap the colors and create the desired color.

For a luxury look, many companies offer foil stamping options. Foil stamping is a process of using heat to transfer metallic foil onto pressed materials such as paper or cloth – this creates an attractive glossy sheen that stands out from its background. Foil stamping can also be used create unique textures by mixing multiple colors of foil together and die cutting it into interesting shapes.

Overall, both printing with white ink on black paper and foil stamping are great options for creating wonderful visuals that stand out from their peers.

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