UV Ink

What is UV Ink

UV Ink is a newer formulation of ink that dries instantly under UV light, rather than relying on petroleum based solvents that have to evaporate in order to leave the pigment on the page.

How is it better than older inks?

UV Ink is less toxic than older petroleum based inks, and even better than newer soy-based inks, because there are fewer volatile organic compounds that must evaporate out while the ink dries. UV Ink solidifies instantly under UV light, which also means that it can provide faster turnaround in the production process. It’s also safer for the people running the press and working in the production facility.

Also, since there are no solvents to evaporate, 100% of the ink weight is used, making it more cost effective for both printers and customers! Another factor related to the solvents is consistency. Because solvents would evaporate during the printing process, changes in ink color would happen over the course of a job. That won’t happen with UV ink, the color will be the same on the first and last sheet.

But does it look as good?

And then some! Because the UV ink is cured instantly, it sits on top of the paper rather than being absorbed. You get more exact color and greater contrast, along with a nice glossy finish that really pops, especially in the light.

It’s also ideal for anything that will be mailed, as the ink won’t smudge, or be rubbed off if there’s any abrasion. Your image will stay true to exactly what you designed, up to when it’s in your recipient’s hands!

What’s it good for?

Everything! That’s why we converted our XL-105 to UV to match our XL-106 so everything we print conventionally uses UV ink. And on top of the fact that it looks great, UV ink can be used on more than just paper, it works on flexible media like vinyl and plastics. It’s the key to a long lasting graphics on packages and posters or puzzles, as the ink doesn’t degrade over time with exposure to light.