Keith Hunt

I started working (at my Grandfather's restaurant) when I was eleven years old. I learned at an early age the benefit of doing a job right the first time. This has always pushed me to learn as much about what I do, as I can, no matter what that might be in order to have fewer failures. Grandfathers can be great mentors.

I guess that helping people is how I choose to look at the work I do. I put my knowledge to work for my customers. Oh No! You might say, “He needs more knowledge”. I would agree. Part of that “knowledge” is knowing where to go when you don't know and in that I am blessed. I work with a great number of really smart and talented people.

One of the most important things I have learned in life...

is to listen more and talk less.
(Which I need to practice every day)

I enjoy what I do and I try to make people laugh whenever I can.

I think a little humor helps the day go faster. If I can help a co-worker or customer laugh, it is a stress reliever to all of us.

On Sunday Mornings you can find me with my wife.

Watching Frasier or listening to my favorite Author on Audio Book while sipping coffee on the couch. We also like vacationing at Virginia Beach.

What bothers me?

Wires! I hate wires…
I like hiding wires...