Printed in the USA Flyer

Print in the USA Flyer

Print your next flyer, magazine, book, or puzzle in the USA with Printing Partners. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana we are a convenient 2-3 shipping to anywhere in the continental United States of America. Printing Partners’ mission is to combine technological innovation with traditional craftsmanship to produce effective marketing communications. While we embrace technology, we recognize that our greatest asset is our people. They are your partners in this process to print in the USA.

About Printing Partners

In 2013 we installed a Heidelberg XL-105, a 40-inch, 8-color perfecting press. To increase production capacity, we added a new Heidelberg XL-106 40-inch, 8-color perfecting UV press in the summer of 2017. After seeing the benefits of using UV ink, we converted the XL-105 to UV in 2018. We can’t imagine where we will be in another 20 years, but we are sure that we will still be investing in cutting-edge technology. So print in the USA everyone.

If you regularly print pieces that are nearly identical but have areas of varied content, you can have a large quantity of shells printed, housed in our warehouse, then pulled and imprinted digitally as needed.

Our Heidelberg Speedmaster XL-105 and XL-106 that print in the USA. We are capable of offering 4 colors on each side in a single pass while perfecting . They can handle sheet sizes up to 28 x 40 inches.

All of our commercial presses utilize InkZone technology. This allows us to pass our G7® color profile information, used to create the contract proof, straight to the press. Print in the USA. Once we achieve the precise color settings, the InkZone system monitors the color during the run and automatically. Inkzone makes the necessary adjustments to maintain that color throughout the entire press run.

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