An American Puzzle Puzzle Printer

Printing Partners has printed millions of offset sheets for major household brands. Based in the United States of America, we employ more than one hundred people who understand the art of puzzles.

Puzzle pieces are one of the most closely inspected printed items in the world: the print quality must be the brightest and most vibrant dots on paper possible. We use only the highest quality UV ink or ultraviolet ink for the highest quality subjects, box lids and box bases. We have standard sized jigsaw puzzle dies available. Box Top (Lid) and Box Bottoms (Bases) are available in a variety of sizes.

Did you know puzzles can be created with glitter and glow-in-the-dark ink as well as scratch-and-sniff treatments? Printing Parting partners has experience with all these specialty procedures.

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Made in the USA


Proudly display “Made in the USA” on your puzzle box. Not only will you enjoy faster delivery, you will also feel good knowing you are providing jobs to this American company. The importance of printing in the USA vs overseas is that you are supporting an American community that employs over one hundred employees that support that support their families.

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