Growing up Black and White in America (Printing Partners Sponsor)

Set largely against the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War and the militancy of the 1960s, Charlotte Blake Alston and Bill Mettler – black and white storytellers respectively – have created an exploration of their respective journeys in America. Both born into the post-war baby boom, Alston was raised in Philadelphia and Mettler in Virginia, both of their fathers were in the Air Force and stationed in the Philippines, both came from families with five kids, and both yearned to see understanding, compassion, respect and equality flow through and among all of America’s communities. ?Growing up Black and White in America? is a sharing of personal stories from the 1940s to the present, revealing the differences and commonalities in childhood, youth and adult experiences as Americans of different hues. This performance blends story, music, movement and especially, the friendship that Alston and Mettler have shared for more than two decades.

Growing up Black and White in America

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