Printing Partners - Partners Night at the IRT
 at the Phoenix Theatre

These are special performances for which you can purchase tickets for only $20!

In the performance listings below, the dates are the Partners Night performances. To reserve your discounted tickets, please visit the Phoenix Theatre website or call the box office at 317-635-7529 and use the promo code “FOPP” to receive the discounted rate.

2016 – 2017 Season Performances

How to Use a Knife by Will Snider
January 26 @ 7pm & January 29 @ 2pm

In 1994, 16-year-old David found himself in Uganda as a church missionary. When he follows the girl of his dreams into the woods to help a Rwandan boy, he enters a world which he will never be able to fully leave behind. 20 years later, after writing a memoir of his experiences, David receives a note: “You didn't tell them everything.” David is driven to return and discover if his dedication to his story obscured the truth he was — or wasn’t — willing to see.

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An Act of God by David Javerbaum
Thursday, February 23 @ 7pm & Sunday, February 26 @ 2pm

In this sinfully funny new play, the Almighty and His devoted Angels answer some of the deepest existential questions to ever plague mankind. He’s returned to set the record straight… and he’s not holding back! The stage play is adapted from Javerbaum’s The Last Testament: A Memoir By God, which itself began as “a series of Tweets.”

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Sex with Strangers by Laura Eason
Thursday, March 23 @ 7pm & Sunday, March 26 @ 2pm

Ethan and Olivia are strangers staying in a remote bed-and-breakfast, looking for some inspiration for their respective writing: Olivia is working on a novel she refuses to share, and Ethan is working on the screenplay for his bestselling book, Sex with Strangers. The two inexplicably connect and, well, you can guess where that leads. As their connection grows, so does Olivia’s hope for the future of her career... But will the weight of Ethan’s past cripple their relationship? And how will he cope when she earns the success and respect that he’s always dreamed of? Sex with Strangers is an honest and witty look at how love and work mix— or don’t.

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The Open Hand by Robert Caisley
Thursday, April 27 @ 7pm & Sunday, April 30 @ 2pm

Allison does not accept gifts. Not even on her birthday. Not even from her fiancé. But when she finds herself without a wallet and unable to pay for a rather expensive lunch, she is forced to accept a stranger’s generosity. With quirky storytelling and eccentric characters, this dark, urban comedy follows Allison as she goes to bizarre lengths to repay his kindness.

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Hir by Tayloe Mac
Thursday, May 25 @ 7pm & Sunday, May 28 @ 2pm

When Isaac is dishonorably discharged for a drug addiction, he comes home only to find nothing is how he left it. Liberated from the oppression of her marriage, Isaac’s mother leads a crusade against the patriarchy alongside his sister, who is now a trans male anarchist and uses the pronouns ‘ze’ and ‘hir.’ Meanwhile, his abusive father has become ill and downs estrogen pills against his will. An Alice-in-Wonderland look at the traditional family, Hir flips the script on gender power dynamics... but does destroying the past really free you from it?

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The Golem of Havana Book by Michel Hausmann; Music by Salomon Lerner and Lyrics by Len Schiff
Thursday, June 29 @ 7pm & Sunday, July 2 @ 2pm

Welcome to 1950’s Havana. It’s the brink of the Cuban Revolution, and a young Jewish girl envisions a champion for Cuba drawn from the Golem legends of her family’s homeland in Hungary. Her family, the Frankels, has only just begun to find their first fragile grasp on prosperity, and is now faced with a difficult decision: holding onto their security, or protecting their maid’s son, an injured guerrilla fighter. Through the music and traditions of two worlds, The Golem of Havana weaves a story of hope, family, and sacrifice.

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Human Rites by Seth Rozin
Thursday, July 27 @ 7pm & Sunday, July 30 @ 2pm

Alan Friedman, a renowned professor, has come back from Sierra Leone with some surprising research on female circumcision. After students protest the controversial results, the college’s African American dean, Michaela Richards, questions whether Alan, as a white male, could have gathered accurate data. It is decided that the study will be conducted again, this time by graduate student Lydian Namandu, a member of the Kono People of Sierra Leone, in hopes that her position as a member of the community will help gather honest results. Turning western perceptions on their heads, Human Rites provides keen insight into academia and cultural divides.

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