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We have developed a program called xPress by Printing Partners. xPress is our digital storefront software. These digital storefronts can be used as a single location for all downloadable, printed, or promotional materials. This allows items to be easily accessed and ordered.

xPressMaterials are supplied or designed to the client’s specifications and then made available on the storefront. Items can be static or variable (meaning they can either be ordered exactly as shown or certain elements, text or images can be changed by the user with each order).

The system integrates with FedEx and UPS for accurate shipping. Storefronts can be set up for corporate clients using invoicing and monthly billing or for individual users to purchase using credit cards.

Digital storefronts are a great tool for large companies to offer branded materials to their branches to ensure a consistent brand image.

Demonstration Site
For a demonstration of xPress, visit the link below.

Demonstration Link
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P: xpress
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