File Preparation

Using appropriate prior planning prevents poor preflighting, proofing and printing.

We pay close attention to every step your job encounters while preparing your files for printing. and avoid unexpected results on press by taking additional steps to assure the document is accurate at each stage.

We utilize both Macintosh and PC operating systems for file preparation reducing the potential for incompatibility problems. We preflight each job on the same platform in which it was created.

We begin our process by checking the file against a fresh set of printouts to make sure all of the elements appear on the page appropriately. Proofing serves as a critical bridge between prepress and production. The first proof we create verifies crossovers, imposition, trim and bleed. Once this proof is approved, a PDF file and check that with the proof before proceeding to the contract proof stage.

At the contract proof stage, the PDF files go through the following process:

We have two options for contract proofs:

Imposition Proof
The imposition proof is a double-sided digital proof, created after pages are positioned in the pressheet layout. Although the imposition proof is not intended as a proof for final color, it produces an accurate physical representation, along with basic color proofing for a job. At 1440 dpi, it prints a 4-color, double-sided, 8-page signature.

Matchprint Proof
The matchprint proof is an inkjet contract proofing solution that is color-accurate, consistent and fast. The matchprint proof produces accurate colors by using G7® color profiles. With this industry-standard color profile, we can guarantee that the color you see on the proof is an accurate representation of what is in the digital files and how the color in the final piece will look.

The matchprint is a single-sided proof of exceptional quality. It is used to proof color in conjunction with the imposition proof, which is used to proof impositioned pages. In the vast majority of jobs, these are the only proofs that you will need.

Note: Our proofs are printed using CMYK. PMS colors will be close but not exact on the proofs. To assure color accuracy when your job runs, you are always welcome to schedule a press check. This gives you the ability to be onsite as your job is printed to ensure the colors are what you expect. Talk with your Salesperson or Project Planner for details.

Upon completion of the job, all the files associated with the job are archived. From your original documents to all of the alterations that were done, to the final imposed files; everything is burned to DVD. In the future, you can request an exact reprint or have minor edits made from these files.

Current Applications
Application Ver. Mac PC
Adobe InDesign CC X X
Adobe Illustrator CC X X
Adobe PageMaker 7 X X
Adobe Photoshop CC X X
Corel Draw 12  X
Microsoft Publisher 2003  X
Microsoft Word 2010 X X
QuarkXpress 9 X X
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