Commercial Offset Printing

We maintain a full range of offset presses for both quick and commercial printing. By understanding the capabilities of each press, we will place your job on the press that will deliver the results you envision.

We utilize Heidelberg presses for our commercial printing. These presses have the capability of offering up to 5 colors in one pass with in-line aqueous coatings. Our Heidelberg Speedmaster XL-105, is capable of offering 8 colors in a single pass while perfecting (printing both sides). They can handle sheet sizes from 11 x 17 inches to 28 x 40 inches.

Ink Zone for G7 IntegrationAll of our commercial presses have InkZone technology installed on them. This allows us to pass our G7® color profile information, used to create the contract proof, straight to the press. This gives the press a starting point for ink settings, allowing the press to come to optimum color quickly and producing less waste. Once the precise color settings are achieved, the InkZone system monitors the color during the run and automatically makes the necessary adjustments to maintain that color throughout the entire press run.

Our commercial presses can apply coatings or varnishes as necessary for your particular job needs. Varnishes provide striking contrast on printed materials. Coatings are used to replace varnishes, and although they are not as striking as the varnish, they provide additional appeal to your image at a reduced cost. Coating inks also provide the added benefit of drying almost instantly. Both varnishes and coatings are available in gloss and matte finishes. For more information about varnishes and coatings, please refer to the Varnish section of our Knowledge Library.

Our small press area excels at one- and two-color printing. These presses are designed to handle sheet sizes up to 12 x 18 inches. We have a variety of manufacture presses, each designed to provide optimum results for your application. These presses offer quick set-up and fast turn-times with exceptional quality.

If you would like further information on the technical specifications and details on this equipment, please contact your sales representative.

Commercial Offset Printing Capability
Page size range
A-2 envelopes to 28x40-inch sheets

Process and spot

Varnish or aqueous coating, either in gloss or matte finish

Equipment List
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