Digital Printing

Our machines excel in digital printing, both variable and static. They provide the ability to print smaller quantities, eliminating the storage of unused pieces. We are capable of specifically targeting a group or individuals with personal messaging.

These are not presses; they are marketing engines that can help you drive your message to clients with dynamic information. We have options to produce your information in different languages and with variable images or layouts. All of this can be accomplished in a single press run. This eliminates unwanted and often unused dated material sitting on shelves.

We also offer excellent short-run digital capabilities. This provides all the beauty of 4-color or black and white printing without the need for large quantities.

The Kodak Digimaster EX150 & Digimaster EX110 produces high-quality black-and-white images with excellent solids and screens from digital files. It is ideally suited for print-on-demand.

The Konica Minolta C7000P produces incredible color on stocks as heavy as 100# enamel cover.

The digital NexPress SE3000 produces high-quality variable data pieces with excellent image quality and color coverage in a completely digital environment. It is ideally suited for short-run one-to-one marketing.

Static, short-run printing
Small quantity, with no variable information

Variable information printing
With digital technology, we can imprint variable information on preprinted shells or we can create an entire piece in color or black-and-white. Variable printing requires a database. The amount of information in the database dictates the amount of personalization available. With enough detail you can tailor a unique selling proposition or appeal for each person in your database. Variable information printing is about making your message personal and making it count.

The variable information can also include the mailing address and bar code, so addressing is integrated into the printing process.

If you would like more information on how to prepare your art or database files for variable printing, you can download our Variable Printing Guidelines sheet from our Knowledge Library.

Variable printing can be broken into 5 separate categories:

Version printing — Common design and layout with some unique content and language changes.

  • Effective and relevant print communication
  • Documents can be divided into distinct versions that provide specific language requirements
  • Common corporate standard is applicable with local dealer or distributor branding
  • Increases participation and response rates

Personalized printing — Seamlessly integrate the recipient’s name and/or address into the copy, producing a unique document for each recipient.

  • Faster, easier and more efficient production of direct mail program
  • Encourages a stronger customer/user/member relationship
  • Database information can be easily incorporated into page layout or graphic design

Customized printing — Personalized application that also contains image changes to make the message more relevant.

  • Customize graphic content for the individual recipient
  • Print all static and variable data in one pass
  • Allows individuals to receive smaller, more relevant and timely materials, tailored to their needs and interests

Transactional printing — Include financial and other applications that incorporate personalized and custom content along with data-driven graphs and charts.

  • Produces dynamically data-driven color graphics for high-value communications and high-net-worth customers

Fully customized printing — complex, personalized and customized print pieces that incorporate variable images, text, graphics and layouts.

  • True one-to-one communication
  • Individuals receive highly relevant, timely print information tailored completely to their needs and interests
Dimensional Clear Ink:
A New Dimension in Printing
It’s an advancement in printing you can both see and feel. Printing Partners is proud to offer its customers the ability to give specified text and images a “raised” or 3D effect, making your next piece something unique and original in this fast-paced and competitive market.

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Color is a powerful medium
Color has the power to demand attention. It stirs emotions and captures imaginations. Color expresses attitude, inspires action and punctuates key messages.

Studies also show that the use of color in documents improves awareness and comprehension by up to 80 percent. Color can sell ideas up to 88 percent better. It can get invoices paid up to 30 percent faster, improving learning and recall from 55 to 78 percent.

Kodak Nexpress 2100 Kodak EX110
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