List Analysis and Purchasing

List Analysis
A supplied mailing list can be put through analysis to fine-tune the data to increase cost-efficiency and deliverability rates.

During analysis, the demographics of your list entries can be pulled and averaged to determine the demographics of your list as a whole. These demographics can be used as criteria for list purchasing.

List Purchasing
Mailing lists can be generated and purchased based on criteria determined by you.

Find new prospects similar to your current clients
Your client list can go through list analysis to determine the average demographics of your current clients. Those demographics can then be used to find similar prospects who match your current clients.

You pick the demographics
A list can be generated based off criteria of your choice. There are a wide variety of criteria categories to choose from; a few of the most common categories include:

Saturation Mailing
If you simply want everyone within a radius of a specific geographic location to receive your mailing piece, you can have a saturation mailing list purchased for you, or you can utilize USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail service.

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