Printing Partners - Knowledge Library
Welcome to the Printing Partners’ Knowledge Library. Contained below is a collection of PDFs and web pages that can answer most of your digital printing, offset printing and bindery questions. If you don’t find a resource here, please contact your salesperson and we will get you the information that you need.

Equipment List
A quick overview of our production equipment with their sizes and specifications.
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Binding Guide
An online guide to the various types of binding methods that we offer.
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Did You Know?
These interesting facts & information.
Folding Guide
An online folding guide with panel calculators and an animation showing how the fold works.
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Varnish Guide
An online guide to the different types of varnishes and coating that we offer.
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72% of consumers want businesses to market to them with a multi-channel approach.
Dimensional Ink Guide
Features of Dimensional Ink and a Downloadable Technical Guide.
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A glossary of the printing terms used on this site and in our industry.
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Direct Mail increased US company sales $702 Billion in 2010.
Submitting Files
A guide on how to submit files to us. It covers PDF files and collecting pieces for open applications files.
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PDF Creation Guide
Step-by-step PDF guide for making high-resolution PDF files in QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign.
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Only 11% of cut forest trees are used by the paper industry.
Creating Die Files
A quick guide to assist you in the creation of die files for foil stamping or die cutting.
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Variable Printing Guide
A downloadable PDF guide to preparing variable printing jobs.
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The average Promotional Product is kept for 7 months.
Mailing Guide
A downloadable PDF guide on the current mailing requirements.
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Partners Guide
This is a comprehensive guide that can help explain everything we do in PDF format.
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Direct Mail brings in 78% of donations for non-profits.
QRCodes, PURLs & GURLs
Information on the use of QR Codes and PURLs.
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Intelligent Mail Barcodes
An overview of the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode specifications.
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90% of consumers prefer custom content & 78% believe it builds relationships.
Connecting The Dots (blog)
We discuss tips and tricks for creating the best documents for printing. as well as some other interesting tid-bits of information.
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Multi-channel communications
Information about multi-channel campaigns, QRCodes, HCCB Codes and PURLs & GURLs.
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Consumers 18–34 years-old, prefer to learn about offers via print, rather than online sources.
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