Printing Partners - Folding Guide

Welcome to the Printing Partners Interactive Folding Guide. Use the Pull Down Menu to select the type of fold and paper you are using, the panel size calculator will appear. You must enter the necessary information and click on the "Calculate panel size" button. The height of your piece will not effect the panel sizes.

Our folding guide has different specifications for Cover Weight Paper and Text Weight Paper. Please select the correct type of folding calculation for the paper you are working with. If you are unsure what type of paper you are going to print on, it is best to use the Cover Weight calculations.

To see an animated demonstration of how the fold goes together, move and hold your mouse over the fold graphic.

Downloadable Guide
For a printable PDF version of our guide, you can click here to download the file.

Why paper weight is important
Text Weight Folds typically have tighter tolerances because you don't have to allow for the thickness of the paper.

Cover Weight Folds take into account that the paper is thicker and so more space is figured into the folding panel size.
Flat Size: The size of a printed piece after printing and trimming but before any finishing operations that affect its size, such as folding.
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