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Fulfillment and Warehousing
We are the team behind your team.
Our fulfillment services add the convenience of having your pieces printed and ready to go when you need them. You can have a large quantity of pieces produced and held at our facility until you’re ready to have all or a portion of them delivered.

We offer full-service fulfillment services to complement our printing and mailing services. We have capacity to store and manage separate components, coupled with a staff of specialists, to assemble your materials for shipment directly to your recipients using the best method possible. From tasks, as simple as storing and delivery of your extra letterhead, to complex marketing kit creation and shipments to hundreds of contacts across the county, we’ve got you covered. We have multiple online solutions to help with managing your inventory and formulate automated marketing tasks to streamline production. Contact your representative to learn more about all our fulfillment and storage services.

Finding order warehousing and fulfillment is a lot like picking a business partner. After all, they’ll be impacting your reputation, shipping items to your clients or employees. Printing Partners has a proven track record working with companies to facilitate simple and complex warehousing and fulfillment. Our services can be as simple as holding your company stationery until you need it, or providing xPress order fulfillment for your dealers or franchise owners around the country.
Once everything is set up, your fulfillment process starts to look pretty simple. In fact, all you really need to do is make sure we have enough inventory. The rest is in our hands.

Not only does our staff handle your warehousing needs, they also provide our pick, pack and ship operations. Services like kitting, repackaging, xPress order processing and other value-added activities.

Talk to your project planner about accessing your product inventory levels. Our warehouse and packaging is here to help make your process easier.

Shipping & Delivery
Our trucks will deliver to locations within the central Indianapolis area within 24 business hours of request for fulfillment orders. We can also ship via UPS, FedEx, DHL and other courier services. Fulfillment orders will be processed and shipped out within 1–2 business days.