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At Printing Partners, we look at the bigger picture.

To us, print is more than simply putting ink on paper.
It’s the act of transforming your thoughts, feelings and hard work into something tangible.
Similarly, performing arts organizations like those listed above aren’t just organizations,
but educational journeys to a broadened mindset and an open heart.

And we're proud to support them.

Above you will find the organizations for which we have sponsored performances listed on this page. Each show below is color-coded for its organization using the colors above.

If These Walls Could Tell: Second Baptist Church In New Albany

If These Walls Could Tell: Second Baptist Church In New Albany

February 24, 2019

The Second Presbyterian in New Albany, an integrated but predominantly white congregation, built the church from 1849 to 1852. The evangelical congregation was moved by Christian benevolence to minister to African Americans who lived in the city as well as those escaping slavery in the south. Helping slaves escape to freedom was a dangerous business. “The church’s 150-foot steeple, visible across the Ohio River in Louisville, acted as a beacon to African Americans fleeing bondage, steering them to a place where they could get medical care and assistance in traveling farther north to safety,” states Underground Railroad historian Pam Peters. Thus begins the history of this church designated as a national Network to Freedom site that confirmed its role in the Underground Railroad in 2017. The Presbyterians sold the building in 1889 to Second Baptist, an African American congregation familiar with the building’s history. The restoration begun six years ago was a community-wide initiative spearheaded by the Friends of Town Clock Church, the name most people in New Albany use for the building at 300 East Main Street. Indiana Landmarks and Storytelling Arts of Indiana, with generous support from Frank and Katrina Basile, developed the If These Walls Could Tell series in 2011 to honor the winners of the Cook Cup Award for Outstanding Restoration. These original stories inspired by historical Indiana buildings are about the people who have built, lived, worked, gathered and restored these vintage places. More details on the focus of this story will be available on